The flexible workspace market is growing, and entrepreneurs need dependable, scalable space and support services

Even before the pandemic, the look and feel of the American workspace was changing. People wanted to work from home or in a space that didn’t require a long-term lease. Intelligent Office franchise owners were of the earliest to capitalize on that opportunity and have been going strong for more than 25 years.

But space is only part of the equation. Those new companies need more than space. They need the kind of services and support any enterprise needs. We offer basics like answering phones and scheduling appointments to a full suite of virtual assistance services. That spells opportunity for Intelligent Office franchise owners.

Range of services creates multiple revenue streams

“As a new franchise owner, this is exactly the right time to come into this business,” says Brian Farris, Brand President. “You have the opportunity to not only sell space, but also sell an array of services none of our competitors can offer. You can provide reception services, as well as more comprehensive services to become an extension of your clients’ teams.”

That means a significant leg up when potential clients compare an Intelligent Office franchise’s offerings to others in the busy, competitive flexible workspace arena. Intelligent Office has been proving for decades, when you offer more benefits at a competitive price, you win out.

Franchise support mirrors how clients are cared for

Another great angle to being an Intelligent Office franchise owner? The support you receive is like that you provide your clients. Thanks to significant investments into the support every franchise owner receives, they are free to focus on networking and growing their client base.

“We take care of implementing the services you sell to your clients,” Farris says. “You’re fully supported by our team. We are always working on better ways to provide our current services, as well as new ones that will be in demand by the market soon. That is another way our franchise owners stay ahead of the curve, and land new business while retaining their current client base.”

Intelligent Office franchise owners provide a wide range of services to help entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises, and SMEs spend less money on fixed costs like leases, and admin/IT support staff. We set them up to quickly exceed their business goals. Ranked a Top Franchise for 2021 by Franchise Business Review, Intelligent Office’s solutions include appointment virtual mailboxes, scheduling services, and CRM database management. If you’re passionate about entrepreneurship and helping small businesses thrive, an Intelligent Office franchise is the right choice.

Ready to open an Intelligent Office franchise in your community?

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