We offer franchise owners the lifestyle and flexibility needed for the next phase of their life. With a 12% compounded growth rate year over year, the business sector is a strong investment.

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Now Is The Time To Invest In An Intelligent Office

The Intelligent Office franchise is the partner every business owner needs to grow. Founded in 1995, Intelligent Office pioneered the concept of flexible workspace. Today the industry generates $10 billion and will grow to $13.03 billion by 2025 with a compounded annual growth rate of 12%. More than 25 years later, Intelligent Office remains focused on providing customized business solutions for business owners. We provide services designed to help people reach their full potential.

As a franchise opportunity, Intelligent Office is a wise choice. Most brands in the flexible work industry are limited to selling space. Intelligent Office offers multiple revenue streams and the ability to be profitable beyond your four walls. With a turnkey business model, strong support structure, and a surging demand for our services, Intelligent Office is a great investment opportunity for entrepreneurs. If you are passionate about helping businesses grow while being your own boss, it may be time for you to invest in an Intelligent Office franchise.

Intelligent Office
Revenue Pillars

Virtual Assistants & Phone Answering

Virtual Assistants & Phone Answering

Office Space

Office Space

Meeting Rooms

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Intelligent Office Franchise Costs

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With Protected territories, a turnkey busines model, and a favorable real estate climate, the time to invest in an Intelligent Office is now.




The Workplace Is Changing

When Intelligent Office was founded in 1996, the concept of a flexible work space had to be explained. Today, flexible work space is as mainstream as it gets. In the wake of the pandemic, business owners are shifting towards flexible work spaces as a means to save money, keep their employees happy, and have more freedom to focus on their goals.



Multiple Revenue Streams & High-Margins

One of the key differences between Intelligent Office and the rest of the flexible work space industry is that we offer far more than office space. Our franchise owners offer a wide range of services to support business owners, and this means that our franchise owners get to expand the reach of their client base beyond their four walls. At the same time, the services our franchise owners provide are so effective that our clients tend to stick with us over the long-term, leading to potentially lucrative and lasting relationships.



We’ve Got Your Back From Day One

We’re proud that our business model offers exceptional work/life balance and that’s because our franchise owners benefit from one of the most robust training & ongoing support platforms in the entire industry. From site selection, cutting edge marketing support, streamlined operations, a professional call-center to help you provide the solutions your clients need, and beyond, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of owning an Intelligent Office franchise.



Help Entrepreneurs Thrive

The most meaningful part of owning an Intelligent Office franchise is helping your clients grow their businesses. By providing your clients with a business support plan, they will look at you as an extension of their team. Our services are so effective that many clients stay with Intelligent Office for years. As your clients grow, your own business will grow. It’s a win-win.

Flexible Office Space For The
Most Growth-Oriented Industries

Intelligent Office franchises profit-potential is designed to never be capped by square footage. Even when our franchisee’s office spaces are fully occupied, they continue to generate revenue by offering multiple lines of services designed to help small businesses grow.

We have curated our services for the fastest growing small business sectors, including:

Health Care Professionals

The proliferation of independent medical service providers isn’t slowing down. Intelligent Office has all of the core services they need need so they can stay up to speed.

Skilled Trades

From independent contractors to growing companies, Intelligent Office can help keep them in the field rather than behind a desk.

Accounting Services

You don’t have to be great with numbers to know when you have too many hats to wear. That’s why CPAs and professional tax preparers hae been utilizing all of our services to improve their bottom line productivity.

Professional Services

More and more professionals from marketing to consulting are branching out on their own, but still want the benefits of having an office environment to get things done.

Hear What Our Franchise Owners Have to Say

Richard Rehme, owner of two Intelligent Office locations in Atlanta, Georgia


“Intelligent Office provides so many benefits to business owners. I love sitting down with business owners and talking to them about how they can save money, become more efficient, and build better companies. It’s a pretty incredible the impact we’re able to have.”

Leslie Keenan, owner of two Intelligent Office locations in Maryland and Washington D.C.

“Investing in an Intelligent Office franchise is the best decision we’ve ever made. We’ve been in business for 18 years, and many of our clients have been with us for 18 years. I love being a part of their growth, and I love making them feel like they have a partner in business because they do.”

Mark Fogelman, owner of two Intelligent Office locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

“The fact that we get to support hundreds of businesses, and between my two locations, we have close to 500 clients, is tremendously rewarding. I know how important businesses are to the community, and we play an essential role in their success.”