Answers to commonly asked Intelligent Office franchise FAQs

Intelligent Office has been in business for over twenty years. In this time, we’ve been able to grow to over fifty franchise locations. In our time, we’ve encountered many questions. Here is our list of Intelligent Office Franchise FAQs.

What Is Intelligent Office?

Intelligent Office exists to help small businesses grow. Founded in 1995 and franchising since 1999, Intelligent Office was the first brand to commercialize virtual office space. We’ve continued to evolve our services to meet the changing needs of small business owners. We not only offer first-rate office space and meeting rooms, but also offer the services business owners need to get to the next level, such as phone answering, virtual assistant, and virtual address. As a result, Intelligent Office has continued to grow over the last 26 years, with 57 locations open across the United States and Canada.

As a franchise opportunity, Intelligent Office stands out. Our proven business model benefits from multiple, recurring revenue streams and long-term relationships with clients. With the demand for co-working spaces skyrocketing, a favorable real-estate climate, and world-class support from a leadership team, Intelligent Office is a recession-resistant opportunity with a bright future.

How Much Does It Cost To Open A New Intelligent Office Franchise?

The total investment to open a new Intelligent Office franchise ranges from $330,000 – $1,200,000. This includes everything you need to get started: securing your location, build out, furniture, fixtures, artwork, technology equipment, marketing, trainingand months of working capital. 

What Do I Get For My Franchise Fee?

Your franchise licensing fee gives you access to Intelligent Office’s proven business model, comprehensive support platform, world class call center, and ongoing coaching from a team of executives who know how to run and grow Intelligent Office franchises.

What Type Of Training And Support Do You Provide?

Intelligent Office provides comprehensive training and support that covers every aspect of your business model. From site selection, build out, marketing, operations, client acquisition, how to sell our services, effective networking, and more. Beginning from day one, Intelligent Office is a brand that has your back. 

Will You Help Me Find The Perfect Location?

Yes! Intelligent Office has a team dedicated to helping franchise owners secure the perfect real-estate in their communities. We partner with one of the nation’s leading commercial real estate brokers, CBRE, to assist with lease negotiation, build out, and construction to help make the process as streamlined as possible for our franchise owners. 

Now is a great time to be thinking about real estate. In the wake of the recent pandemic, prime real estate has become available. Many savvy entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the favorable real-estate climate. We’re ready to help you do the same.

How Do I Become A Top-Performer With Intelligent Office?

Intelligent Office franchise owners come from all walks of life and have different skill-sets. If you’re passionate about helping small businesses grow, ready to follow our proven business model, and willing to network in your community, we can teach you everything you need to know about how to run and grow an Intelligent Office business.

How Do I Get Customers?

Intelligent Office customers primarily come from a combination of digital marketing and community networking. We provide comprehensive marketing support to help you establish your digital presence, and coach you on how to network effectively.

Ready to open an Intelligent Office franchise in your community?

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