Intelligent Office Workspace Franchise has availability in prime markets across the United States

Intelligent Office is the right opportunity at the right time. As the demand for co-working space continues to skyrocket, Intelligent Office represents a workspace franchise opportunity at the forefront of a whole new way of doing business.

To help entrepreneurs capitalize on the present moment, Intelligent Office is actively growing across the country with prime territories available across North America.

“We’re growing rapidly,” says Tricia Deschenes, Director of Franchise Development with Intelligent Office. “Entrepreneurs are really connecting with what our brand is about. They see the value we deliver to small business owners. We can’t wait to welcome new franchise owners into the Intelligent Office franchise family as we continue to expand across the country.”

Selecting strategically located, professional and inspiring office environments allows Intelligent Office franchise owners to provide offices, meeting rooms, work stations, virtual address services, and more. We strive to offer whatever helps small businesses grow and achieve their goals. 

Securing prime commercial office space has never been more favorable to entrepreneurs than it is right now. One of the silver linings of the recent pandemic is that Class A office space has become available. Landlords are anxious to secure long-term tenants. Intelligent Office provides comprehensive support in site selection, build out, construction, and coaching our franchise owners through the process of negotiating lease agreements.

“It’s a great time for real-estate,” Deschenes says. “Landlords are offering great incentives to new tenants. Because there’s so much inventory out there, it’s driving the price down. This won’t last forever. This makes now a great time to take advantage of a favorable real-estate climate.”

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