Intelligent Office franchise opportunity offers multiple revenue streams and a proven path towards financial freedom

In the $32 billion flexible workspace industry, nothing compares to the Intelligent Office franchise opportunity. For entrepreneurs looking for a business model designed to maximize profitability, long-term growth, and the ability to have an impact by helping small business owners, Intelligent Office is a worthy investment.

Unlike the rest of the flexible workspace industry, Intelligent Office isn’t limited to space, and our profit-potential isn’t capped by space. When we sell out of office space, our franchise owners continue to generate revenue by selling multiple lines of services designed to help small businesses grow.

“Our competitors who only sell space are selling commodities,” says Brian Farris, Brand President of Intelligent Office. “They’re clients can move from one office to another office to find a better deal. Our clients will stay longer and spend more because we do so much for their businesses. They look at us as their partner in growth.”

Multiple revenue streams lead to long-term, lucrative client relationships

By becoming an extension of our clients’ businesses through our customized administrative services, Intelligent Office clients tend to stay with us for the long-term. Our franchise owners become part of their clients’ success. As their clients grow, they continue to help and support them. 

The ability to provide an array of services to small business owners increases the profit-potential and scalability for our franchise owners.

“We have a concept called the forever client,” Farris says. “A client might come to us because they need a virtual address, or they may be looking for a place to work. They’ll learn that we provide reception services, administrative services, and as an extension of their team, that keeps them in our network. While we bring clients in at the early stages of their development, our services help them graduate to the next level. Even when they outgrow our office space, they often continue to use our virtual administrative services because they’re so cost-effective and produce terrific results.”

Intelligent Office franchise owners work hard and play more

Intelligent Office franchise owners love what they do. They interact with business owners and come up with creative, personalized plans to help their clients achieve their dreams.

At the same time, Intelligent Office franchise owners benefit from exceptional work/life balance. They keep professional hours, they don’t work on weekends, and for many of our franchise owners who came from corporate America, franchising with Intelligent Office meant getting their life back.

“I love what I do,” says Leslie Keenan, owner of two Intelligent Office franchise locations in Maryland and Washington D.C. “Engaging with business owners and connecting clients is such a rewarding experience. This is a fun, dynamic business that allows me to have more time with my family, and more time doing what I enjoy. But the heart of this business is helping small business owners grow. There’s really nothing more important to me than that.”

To see how well Intelligent Office is doing, consider this breakdown from our Item 19 of our Gross Revenue for Reporting Intelligent Office Locations for the Calendar Year of 2020:

Average Count Percentage Achieving Average Median Low High
$484,476 45 42% $467,901 $179,499 $1,075,040

Also, consider this breakdown from our Item 19 of our Gross Revenue by Thirds for Reporting Intelligent Office Locations for Calendar 2020:

Bottom Third Middle Third Top Third
Number of Centers 15 15 15
Average $292,259 $456,027 $705,142
Percent Achieving Average 47% 53% 47%
Median $280,216 $467,901 $679,890
Low $179,499 $394,644 $526,286
High $390,435 $520,819 $1,075,040

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