Intelligent Office franchise owners open up about what they love about their businesses

Intelligent Office is home to some of the most passionate entrepreneurs in the franchising industry. Our franchise owners play a meaningful role in their communities by helping small business owners grow their companies, achieve their goals, and create opportunities. As a result, Intelligent Office franchise owners make an impact on people’s lives, local economies, and in the places they work and play.

Intelligent Office franchise owners are committed to enjoying their lives. This is an executive-level business model providing exceptional work/life balance, unlimited profit-potential, and the ability to continue to grow long-term.

This is what our franchise owners have to say about their Intelligent Office businesses:

“Intelligent Office provides so many benefits to small business owners. I have one client, a doctor’s office, who was missing about 1,500 calls a month. They hired us to manage their phone calls, schedule appointments, and capture the business, and now, they’ve scaled up from two locations to five locations. It’s incredible the impact we’re able to have, and this is just one example.”

Richard Rehme, Owner Of Two Intelligent Office Locations In Atlanta, Georgia

“Investing in an Intelligent Office franchise is the best decision we’ve ever made. We’re unique in the industry because we offer far more than beautiful office space. We take an active interest in the success of our clients. We’ve been in business for 18 years, and many of our clients have been with us for 18 years. I love being part of their growth, and making them feel like they have a partner in business because they do.”

Leslie Keenan, Owner Of Two Intelligent Office Locations In Maryland And Washington D.C.

“I found Intelligent Office as a client initially, and I thought, if I’m going to own a business, this is what I want to do. We support hundreds of small businesses. Between my two locations, we have close to 500 clients, which is tremendously rewarding. If you’re going to get into this business, now is the right time to do it. Everyone understands the need for co-working space. The fact that we offer so much more than space makes us a compelling opportunity.”

Mark Fogelman, Owner Of Two Intelligent Office Locations In Pennsylvania

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